Counter allergy naturally

Allergy is the defense attack of the body towards the foreign substance that is harmless for our body. The allergic reaction can be as simple as a skin rash or as severe as a life-threatening asthmatic attack. Our body is a perfect machine that attacks the allergens and fight against them with a powerful defense called immune system. Although there are many synthetic drugs that are available to manage allergic reactions there is hardly any to prevent it. The treatment is solely symptomatic. Turning towards nature to cure allergy is the best option available right now. Let us see below the ways to treat allergy naturally:

1. Air purifiers and humidifiers

With the advent of spring, there comes the season of pollination and pollens are the most common allergens that causes allergy. This is the nightmare period for many who are allergic to pollens. The best way to cure allergies is to prevent them. Use of air filters all the time to keep the pollens out is very useful to prevent allergy. Humidifiers further assist in preventing the travel of pollens from air to our homes.

2. Normal saline nasal sprays

It is your nasal area from where the allergens travel in and it is wise to keep the nasal area clear of allergens. To do so, you need to use a normal saline solution to irrigate your nostrils. It can be prepared by using around 1 liter of water and adding 2 to 3 teaspoon of non-iodized salt and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Standing over a sink squeeze the solution with the help of a plastic nozzle bottle into one nostril and allow the solution to pass through the other nostril. This will cleanse the entire sinuses off the allergens.

3. Nutritional supplements

There are many herbal nutritional supplements that are available to strengthen the immune system and fight allergy. Supplements that contain quercetin act as natural anti-histamines to fight allergy. Supplements containing echinacea purpurea act as immune modulators and are effective strengthening the immune system. Aloe vera or aloe barba-densis miller is also considered to be a powerful immune modulator that prevents allergic reactions when used continuously over duration of time.

4. Honey and bee pollen

Although there are no scientific evidences available but many people report that the use of honey or bee pollen is useful for allergy relief. The logic sounds perfect as the body gets the allergen shot by using honey or bee pollen and thus develops the capability to fight allergy.

5. Probiotics

Although probiotics are used to improve the digestion of the body but it is also very useful in strengthening the immune system. Curd and yogurt are the foods that contain probiotics, but many supplements are also available that contain probiotics which are available as over the counter preparations in the stores.

6. Nebulization or steaming

Allergy leads to the congestion of the respiratory tract which makes breathing difficult. It is highly recommended to open up the airways in which steam serves a great role. Addition of essential oils like eucalyptus oil, rosemary, tea leaves and other plants also assist in clearing the respiratory tract. Steam is inhaled using an open utensil. Boiled water is added with essential oils and with the towel over the head is covered over the utensil. This is done several times a day. Alternatively a nebulizing machine can also be used to steam the respiratory tract.

7. Allergy fighting foods

According to the journal Allergy, a German study found that people who consume foods rich with omega 3 fatty acids are less likely to suffer allergic reactions. This is because omega 3 fatty acid fights inflammation. Omega 3 is found in cold water fishes and walnuts. In case of an allergy attack when congestion takes place, adding chili pepper or hot mustard in your food will offer a natural temporary decongestion. Avoiding food that can cause allergy to you should also be avoided to prevent add to the complication.

The best way to cure allergy is to prevent it. But taking natural measures will help reduce the symptoms and may help cure the condition.

– Gurdeep Singh


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